Is the LED grow light harmful to our eyes?

2022-07-04 10:47:11 LippenLux

We know that too much exposure to the sun is not acceptable for three main reasons.
1.The long-wave ultraviolet rays (UVA region) in the ultraviolet rays can not only penetrate the windows and sunshades, but also penetrate the dermis layer, causing the skin to tan, causing damage to collagen and lipids, and causing skin aging or skin cancer. Medium-wave ultraviolet rays (UVB zone), which can reach the dermis, tan exposed skin, causing peeling and erythema.
2.the noon sun can not look directly, otherwise the light is too strong, ranging from dizziness, heavy eye fatigue, resulting in decreased vision over time.
3.There is a lot of heat in the sun, and the heat is too high, which can easily make people dehydrated, especially in hot summer.

aikogrow light

Well, since the principle of plant growth lamp supplementary light is made based on the photosynthesis of plants to sunlight, is it harmful to the human body in the process of supplementing light for plants? Whether plant growth lights are harmful to people depends on what kind of lamps you buy. That is to say, if the spectral ratio of the plant growth lamp you buy is unreasonable, such as products containing UVA, UVB ultraviolet rays, 1000nm~3000nm infrared light that provides solar radiant heat, strong and dazzling light, etc., it will definitely be harmful to the human body during use, which is hurtful. Therefore, in the process of purchasing, you must choose plant growth lights produced by regular professional manufacturers, such as Aiko lighting, a 10-year-old LED lighting manufacturer.


The LED grow lights produced by Lippen Technology do not contain UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the human body to avoid skin damage; the cold light source does not contain infrared rays of ≥1000nm to avoid a large amount of heat accumulation; the light intensity considers the comfort of the human eye, and the experience is good. In addition, based on the specific needs of different plants for light quality (spectrum), light intensity, and photo period, Lippen led grow lights provide a reasonable and accurate spectral ratio to meet the light needs of different growth stages such as plant growth, flowering, and fruiting; using ceramics Heat dissipation technology, fast heat dissipation, good insulation and long life; professional secondary light distribution, uniform illumination, and plants are not leggy. In the field of greenhouse cultivation, Lippen led grow lights effectively solve the problem of insufficient light for plants under natural conditions, and are well received and trusted by customers.

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