The WiFi & App controlled top lighting with 3.7 μmol/J efficacy

Operating at 660W, the L3 LED toplighting boasts an impressive efficacy of up to 3.7 μmol/J at most, which can effectively optimize crop growth. With its 60/90° beam, it can cater to any greenhouse height. Moreover, the dimming possibility via WIFI enables you to dim the grow lights from 0% to its maximum output to increase flexibility.

  • Model No.:: LP-GL660UL3-BX
  • Dimension:: 1100*94*132MM
  • AC input power:: 660W
  • AC input voltage:: 120-277V; 380-480V
  • PPF efficacy:: 3.7 μmol/J
  • Light output PPF:: 2442 μmol/s
  • Coverage:: 5ft x 5ft
  • Dimming:: WIFI, APP, 0-10V

GreenGro L3 LED grow lights come with two versions, Type A and Type B. They both offer a convenient solution for growers who want to switch to LED lighting or install a new system.

With a highest light output of up to 2244 μmol/s, these grow lights provide an effective way to optimize crop growth, improve crop quality, and reduce operational costs. The optical lens enable growers to customize the light coverage to suit their greenhouse height, and the dimming feature allows for increased flexibility.

These grow lights offer benefits for a range of crops, including vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and strawberries, as well as cut flowers and potted plants like roses, chrysanthemums, and alstroemeria. Moreover, these grow lights are also well-suited for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis.

Light source:Sumsang / Epistar / San'an LEDs
Light output PPF:2442 μmol/S
Efficacy :3.7 μmol/J
Input power:660W
Input voltage:120-277V, 380-480V; 50/60Hz
Power factor:>90%
Fixture Dimension:1100*94*132MM
Package Dimension:1180*115*165mm
Weight:12 kg
Thermal management:Passive
Max ambient temp.:60  °C / 160  °F
Dimming option:30-100%
Beam angle:120 °
CRI:80 Ra
Rated average lifetime:L90: >54,000 hours
Ingress Protection:IP65, wet locations
Certiciations:CE, RoHS
Communication:0-10V, WIFI, Bluetooth
Mounting height:>2.5ft Above Canopy
Warranty:5 years Standard warranty


Can this GreenGro L3 LED grow light be controlled via Bluetooth or WiFI?
A1:Yes, our GreenGro L3 LED grow light is equipped with a bluetooth signal receiver, eliminating the need for an internet cable connection. Users can conveniently control the light fixtures using a mobile phone App.
Q2:How much does a sample GreenGro L3 LED grow light cost? What is the lead time for samples? Can we provide free supplies if we ship the freight?
A2:For a sample of GreenGro L3 Top lighting, we're able to provide in a day because we usually keep stocks of that; If not, it may take 2 weeks to finish. You can leave us your message and we'll come to you soon for quotation?
Q3:What power supply does your company use on this L3 top lighting?
A3:According to customer requirements, and to ensure product quality and life span, we choose internationally renowned power supplies such as Meanwell, Inventronics, and Sosen. And for some special requirements on input voltage, we can also supply high voltage input drivers, such as 380V-520V.
Q4How long is your warranty? What should I do if there is a defective product?
A4We provide 3 years limited warranty periods on the GreenGro L3 Top lighting. If there's any defectives, we'd replace it in the next orders or immediately for some urgency.
Q5Will your company accept OA payment? For example, 60 days, 90 days, 120 days
A5We usually only accept T/T and pay the full payment before shipment. For long-term customers, we can accept 30% before shipment and 70% need to pay within 60 days after shipment, which is underwritten by CITIC Insurance.
Q6What is your MOQ of this GreenGro L3 Top lighting?
A6For the L3 led grow light, the MOQ is only 1 pc for normal standard products, which means no MOQ requirement.

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