600W folding LED grow light for vertical racks

Ecogro F7 Series grow light is powered by high efficiency Sunlike LEDs and 660nm& 730nm Red diodes. It is constructed with folding configuration, which is easy to install. Also, it offers 1000W, 800W and 600W versions for your needs. It is a modular, highly efficient LED designed for vertical farming, perfectly fitting in a rack. The high light output of up to 2900 μmol/s helps you effectively optimize crop growth, enhance crop quality and cut operational costs. It is often used in cultivation of cannabis or hemp that require high light level.

  • Model No.:: LP-GL600UF7-BPRF
  • Dimension:: 1100*1110*70mm
  • AC input power:: 600W
  • AC input voltage:: AC 120-277V; 50/60Hz
  • PPF efficacy:: 2.9 μmol/J
  • Light output PPF:: 1740 μmol/S
  • Coverage:: 4x4ft
  • Dimming:: 0-10V knob dimming

Imitating the sunlight spectrum, according to the specific spectrum of the light that the plants need, abandoning the invalid spectrum, which is more conducive to the growth of plants.

Dual-channel output: According to the different growth stages of the irradiation, the spectral ratio can be fine-tuned. Make the plants grow faster and better under a specific spectrum in the stage of seedling,growth,and flowering.

Intelligent control: This product contains RS485 communication protocol module. Through the control panel, it can realize lighting, timing adjustment of brightness, timing switch machine, imitation of sunrise and sunset (black and white light time), spectrum adjustment, temperature monitoring alarm, humidity monitoring alarm Function.

Product structure: This product is made of high-quality aviation aluminum 6063 material. After carefully designed heat dissipation structure and heat distribution test, it matches the brand power supply and imported light source. Effectively ensure the quality stability and service life of the product.

Compared with the traditional advantages: Based on the previous generation of SPA/SPB/SPCx PLUS lamps, the parameters have been comprehensivelyimproved. It is mainly reflected in that the product has a shorter growth cycle for plants, more output, better quality and higher energy utilization, effectively reducing energy consumption.

Model No.
PPFD1740 μmol/s
Input Vol.AC 120-277V, 50/60 Hz
PPF Efficacy2.9 μmol/J
SpectrumFull spectrum+660nm+730nm
Thermal ManagementPassive
Beam angle120°
Housing colorSilver or customized color
Mounting height>30 cm above canopy
Max. Ambient temp.40°C/ 104°F
IP ratingSuitable for damp and wet location use
Power factor>0.9
Surge protection
CertificateCE, ROHS
Dimming mode0-10V/RS485


What's the wattage of the EcoGro F7 LED grow light?
A1:The version consists of 6 rails and each rail is powered at 100W, so the total is 600W. We can also customize the spectrum for your need.
Q2:What is the minimum order quantity requirement for custom packaging?
A2:Normally, we need 200pcs of the 600W EcoGro F7 LED grow light for customized packing. However, you can only keep minimum order of the packing boxes, and we keep on MOQ limit on the products.
Q3:How many R&Ds does your company have and what kind of qualifications do they have?
A3:We currently have 10 R&D personnels, all of whom have more than 10 years of working experience in LED related industries.
Q4Do you have ETL certification on the 600W EcoGro F7 LED grow light?
A4Honestly, we have CE, ROHS on this items and we'd like to cooperate with you for ETL certificate if your markets need.
Q5How long is your warranty? What should I do if there is a defective product?
A5According to different products, we provide different warranty periods. For the Ecogro F7 LED grow lights, we usually provide a warranty of 3 years. If there's any defectives, we'd replace it in the next orders.
Q6Do you have standard SOP when production?
A6Yes, we strictly produce our LED grow lights according to SOP.

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